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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ching Lam Maria SOO
蘇靜雯 | SOO Ching Lam Maria

I believe the prerequisite for being a director is to know how to tell a story! To tell through film language a story that will move the audience as well as yourself. I’m inclined towards the approach of probing deep while presenting it with simplicity, interacting with the audience…

The director is the master of a specific creative endeavor, not only needing qualities of IQ, AQ, EQ and MQ, but also endless spirit, physical ability and imagination… And in addition to those, a bit of luck is also needed to be a truly successful director. One can imagine how difficult and long this road is…

Without realizing it, I have been in this business for over 20 years. I’m still full of creative dedication today, and thinking back towards being a first-time director at age 23, I must thank the heavens for giving me this endless source of inspiration…


Maria Soo Ching-lam joined the film industry in 1982 after attending professional classes at the Hong Kong Film Culture Centre. After twice serving as continuity person and twice as assistant director, she became a director in 1984 at age 23. Her first work is the campus youth film Puppy Love (1984), starring Dicky Cheung and Sandy Lamb.

Soo then directed Trouble Couples (1987), featuring Eric Tsang, Anita Mui and the pop group Grasshopper. Afterwards, a desire to learn Betacam technology compelled her to work in television, directing several TV series and music videos. In 1993, she financed, produced, directed the tele-feature Midnight Calling, which stars Eric Tsang.

Immigrating to Australia in 2001, Soo returned to Hong Kong in 2010, planning for a comeback in film.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1986 《開心勿語》
Trouble Couples TSANG Chi Wai Eric
1984 《鬥氣小神仙》
Puppy Love