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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kam Loi Addy SUNG
宋金來 | SUNG Kam Loi Addy

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Addy Sung Kam-loi, aka Tai Siu Un (meaning “big eye, small eye), hailed from a Cantonese opera family. His father Pak Shing-fan (stage name), was a Cantonese opera actor and percussionist, his brother was a percussion section leader in Cantonese opera troupes, while his sister was a Cantonese opera singer. Sung learnt Chinese opera from his father and was adept at playing drums. In 1964, he appeared in Homeless Children as a child actor, later studying martial arts under action performer Chan Siu-pang. Sung started working as a stunt man and actor in the 1970s, appearing in almost 100 films, although mostly in minor roles except for his part as a policeman in the RTV series Operation Manhunt (1977).

In addition to acting, Sung had also tried his hands in scriptwriting, directing, producing and action choreography. He directed and acted in a series of action films, including Four Robbers (1987), Escape from Kingdom (1988), Bloody Hero (1991) and The Son of Dragon (1992), in which he appeared in roles tailored for himself, highlighting his skills as performer and martial arts expert. The films fared poorly at the box office and Sung reverted to his real name and returned to the opera stage, where he still remains active as a percussion section leader.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1992 《龍之根》
The Son of Dragon
1991 《喋血奇兵》
Bloody Hero
1988 《殺出黃國》
Escape from Kingdom
1987 《四大天王》
Four Robbers