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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Louis TAN
陳國熹 | TAN Louis

Film is an artistic creation through telling stories about human emotions, sharing knowledge and spreading messages. A film director is the one who elevates this artistic creation to the fullest, giving it a life and soul. I feel privileged to be given the chance to play this role in my life.

My most memorable work is Infatuation, because no one will ever forget his first film. It is like having a child – from birth to growth, for every step and every stage of growth you have to do it yourself. Successful or not, it is the most memorable. Because for every film, from the moment it screened in a cinema, will have eternal life.


Louis Tan is the husband of actress Cecilia Yip Tung. Born to a business family, Tan demonstrated his artistic talents at an early age. Upon completing his studies in the U.S.A., Tan joined Television Broadcasts (TVB). Under Liu Fong-kong's recommendation, Tan worked as a continuity person for the newly established film team, shooting television series on film under such directors as Ann Hui, Yim Ho, Law Kar, David Lam and Kam Kwok-leung. He then became an assistant director for Patrick Tam Ka-ming's serials C.I.D., Seven Women (1976) and Underdogs (1977). Not long afterwards, the team’s leader, TVB’s programme chief Selina Chow Liang Shuk-yee joined Commercial Television to become its new general manager. Tan did not follow suit because he was asked to return to his family business.

In 1980, Tan was invited by former TVB colleague Annette Sham to join her advertising firm, learning the basics on filmmaking. He was progressed from production assistant to director. During that time, Tan also met Yip, who was working as a part-time model. Tan became a director for TV commercials in 1981 and later set up his own production company.

Tan made his directorial debut Infatuation in 1985, starring Yip. The film was nominated for best cinematography, best editing, best art directing, best original film score and best original film song in the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards. In 1992, he directed It’s Now or Never, starring Sharla Chang Min. Ten years later he directed Dare Ya!, a documentary of local rock and hip-hop outfit LMF on which he also served as director of cinematography and art director.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2002 《大你》
Dare Ya!
1992 《飛女正傳》
It's Now or Never
1985 《1/2 段情》