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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Lung TANG
唐龍 | TANG Lung

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Tang Lung, whose original name was Tang Hung-bin, was born in Beijing in 1928. In 1950, he joined the Mandarin cinema company Dragon-Horse Films to work under famed director Zhu Shilin and worked continuity on such films as House Removal Greeting (1954) and Between Fire and Water (1955). When Dragon-Horse Films ceased productions, Tang followed Zhu to Feng Huang Motion Picture to work continuity and was promoted to assistant director in 1958.

In 1963, Tang wrote and directed his first film, the Cantonese-dialect comedy A Loving Couple, produced under producer Lau Fong’s Hong Kong United and starring Miu Kam-fung. He went on to direct many films for Feng Huang, including The Cricket & the King (1966, co-directed with Bow Fong), Dream in Paradise (1966, co-directed with Yam Yi-chi), I Have Come Again (1968, codirected with Bow Fong), The Magic Thief (1969), Storm Petrel (1970, co-directed with Chu Fung), The Boat (1972, co-directed with Wu Ching-ping), Conspicuous Figures (1977) and The Illusionist (1979). Tang left the film industry in the 1980s to work in advertising.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1979 《小鬼靈精》
The Illusionist
1977 《風頭人物》
Conspicuous Figures
1972 《艇》
The Boat
1970 《海燕》
Strom Petrel CHU Fung
1970 《海燕》
Storm Petrel CHU Fung
1969 《神偷俠侶》
The Magic Thief
1968 《我又來也》
I Have Come Again BOW Fong
1966 《蟋蟀皇帝》
The Cricket and the King BOW Fong
1966 《蟋蟀皇帝》
The Cricket & the King BOW Fong
1966 《天堂春夢》
Dream in Paradise
1964 《男男女女》
Men and Women HU Siao Fung LEE Tit
1964 《俏冤家》
A Loving Couple