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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kai Man Tenky TIN
田啟文 | TIN Kai Man Tenky

It’s easier said than done; directing is often a challenge to oneself. It just so happened that my road to becoming a director was not easy to say and even harder to do. As I witnessed colleagues around me made their directorial debuts, I was still preparing! Wanting and doing are inseparable when it comes to achieving your dream! Wanting something doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to do it. Doing something doesn’t mean you’ll do it well. A job well done doesn’t mean it’ll be accepted by the public. In my personal opinion, there is only one word to describe the job of a director — difficult!

Everyone is going to die once; difficulties must be overcome! My dream was to become a director, so I had to take the first step regardless of difficulties! Now that I have become a director, am I satisfied? I’m not satisfied but I feel rewarded! Do I still want to do it? I want it even more but I have to wait for the chance. In conclusion, directing can be summed up by three words: “very”, “difficult”, “very.” The first “very” stands for wanting very much to be a director. The second word, “difficult,” refers to how difficult it is to make a good movie. The last “very” means it’s very difficult to be a good director!


Tenky Tin Kai-man was born in Hong Kong in 1961. He had aspired to work in the entertainment business since he was young. After dropping out of school due to financial hardship, fate led Tin to join Rediffusion Television (RTV) in 1979 as an extra. In 1982, he got a speaking role in Cream, Soda and Milk, a key work of the New Wave directed by Rachel Zen Wai-chu, beginning his involvement in film. Throughout his career, Tin had worked in a variety of positions, including actor, voice actor, unit manager, script supervisor, assistant director, assistant producer, executive producer, production manager, developer, writer, director and producer on over 200 films. During the boom years of the 1990s, he was production manager for King of Beggars (1992), God of Gamblers Return (1994), Forbidden City Cop (1996) and Shanghai Grand (1996), among others.

Tin tried his hands in directing with Marked for Murder (1994), which he co-directed with Lee Chiu. In recent years, he had focused on producing and acting.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1997 《霹靂戰士》
The Future Hero
1995 《天子驕龍》
Little Hero on the Run LEE Chiu
1994 《開發區殺人事件》
Marked for Murder LEE Chiu