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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Shan His TING
丁善璽 | TING Shan His

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Ting Shan-hsi was born in Qingdao, China, in 1935. He graduated from what is now National Taiwan University of Arts. In 1963, he became a screenwriter and assistant director for Shaw Brothers, which produced eight of his scripts.

Ting began his directorial career with Like Father, Like Son (1969). Though he was known for his war films, his diverse oeuvre encompassed wuxia, fantasy, melodrama, horror and other genres-often writing his own scripts as well.

Aside from working for Taiwan's International Film Production and First Films, the prolific filmmaker had also written and directed for Golden Harvest and Taiwan Film Culture. He had also formed his own production company. In three decades, Ting had directed 69 films and written over 300 episodes of television serial drama, writing film reviews and novels occasionally.

His 1971 film The Ammunition Hunter won Best Director at the 9th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. The Everlasting Glory (1974), Eight Hundred Heroes (1976) and The Battle For the Republic of China (1981)-all made for Central Motion Picture Corporation-marked the pinnacle of his career. The Everlasting Glory, a sweeping historical epic that depicts the martyrdom of a patriotic general during World War II, garnered the Best Director and Best Screenplay prizes at the 21st Asian Film Festival (now Asia-Pacific Film Festival). The film also spearheaded a trend of war movies in Taiwan. In 1976, Ting made an even larger scale WWII film with Eight Hundred Heroes, which starred Brigitte Lin as a girl scout who risked her life to deliver the national flag. The successful patriotic drama was the winner of Best Drama at the 22nd Asia Film Festival, in addition to acting awards won by Lin and Hsu Feng. 1980's Magnificent 72 earned Ting the Best Director prize at the 28th Asian Film Festival while The Battle For the Republic of China was the winner of Best Drama at the 19th Golden Horse Awards in 1981. With his 1970s and 1980s epics, he was one of Taiwan's bet known directors and lauded there as "The most patriotic director."

In 1994, Ting started to write for television. In 1996, he wrote the popular fantasy period drama Dark Tales for Television Broadcasts (TVB) in Hong Kong.

Ting died from liver cancer in Taiwan on November 22nd, 2009, at age 74. In 2011, the 48th Golden Horse Awards named Ting the posthumous recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented by actor Jimmy Wang to Ting's widow. Ming Chi, the former general manager of Central Motion Picture, called Ting "the greatest director of China".

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1993 《將邪神劍》
Magic Sword
1990 《千人斬》
The Beheaded 1000
1990 《水袖》
1989 《飛越陰陽界》
Spirit Love
1989 《嬰靈》
1989 《天龍地虎》
Heaven Dragon Earth Tiger
1988 《林投姐》
The Revenge Ghost of the Tree
1987 《烽火佳人》
Flag of Honor
1986 《金門炮戰》
The Kinmen Bombs
1986 《國父孫中山與開國英雄》
The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen
1984 《好彩撞到你》
Most For a Ghost
1983 《黑馬王子》
1982 《閻王的喜宴》
The Hades Banquet
1981 《辛亥雙十》
The Battle For the Republic of China
1981 《能屈能伸大丈夫》
A Good Man Can Bend
1980 《碧血黃花》
Magnificent 72
1980 《有我無敵》
The Flying Tigers and the Kung Fu Kids
1980 《人比人氣死人》
1979 《我愛芳鄰》
My Lovely Neighbor
1979 《醉拳女刁手》
No One Can Touch Her
1979 《樓上樓下》
Upstairs and Downstairs
1978 《小小世界妙妙妙》
The Wonderful Small World
1978 《永恆的愛》
The Eternal Love
1977 《大腳娘子》
Revenge of Kung Fu Mao
1976 《金色的影子》
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
1976 《八百壯士》
Eight Hundred Heroes
1976 《黑龍會》
Super Dragon
1976 《陰陽有情天》
Love in the Twilight Zone
1976 《驅魔女》
The Seven Coffins
1976 《最短的婚禮》
1976 《國際大刺客》
1976 《鐵血童子軍》
1976 《獵獅計劃》
A Queen's Ransom
1975 《盲女奇緣》
Black Alice
1975 《香港超人大破摧花黨》
Hong Kong Superman
1975 《驚魂女王蜂》
The Queen Bee
1975 《高陞客棧》
English title unknown
1975 《大千世界》
My Wacky, Wacky World
1974 《虎辮子》
1974 《吃人井》
Well of Doom
1974 《英烈千秋》
The Everlasting Glory
1974 《少女奇譚》
The Talent Girl
1974 《陰陽界》
Blood Reincarnation
1973 《盜皇陵》
Imperial Tomb Raiders
1973 《男子好漢》
1973 《突破國際死亡線》
Operation White Shirt
1973 《馬蘭飛人》
Flight Man
1973 《英雄本色》
Knight Errant
1973 《夜女郎》
Girls of the Night
1972 《霸王拳》
Furious Slaughter
1972 《天王拳》
1972 《秋瑾》
Dragon Fist
1972 《馬素貞報兄仇》
Ma Su Chen
1972 《大盜》
The Fast Fists
1972 《英雄膽》
The Lion's Heart
1971 《說謊的丈夫》
A Time for Lying
1971 《十萬金山》
The Ghost Hill
1971 《落鷹峽》
The Ammunition Hunter
1971 《先生、太太、下女》
Husband, Wife, Maid
1970 《百萬新娘》
Million Dollar Bride
1970 《不要拋棄我》
Don't Leave Me Alone
1970 《像霧又像花》
Hate Me Not
1970 《歌王歌后》
The King and Queen
1970 《三娘教子》
Prosperous of Family
1969 《虎父虎子》
Like Father, Like Son
1969 《翠屏山》
The Avenger
1969 《十三妹》
The Young Avengeress