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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Lo Po TO
杜魯波 | TO Lo Po

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To Lo-po, aka To Mun-po and To Kong-yue, worked as actor and stuntman at Cathay Organisation and Shaw Brothers in the mid-1960s. He started to serve as martial arts coordinator in the early 1970s when he collaborated with Lee Ka-ting on Cruel Killer (1971). To went on to work in Taiwan for many years, and made his directorial debut there in 1973 with The Return of the Hero of the Waterfront. He followed with Magic Curse (1975), co-directed with Tommy Lu.

To officially changed his name to To Lo-po in 1978 and returned to Hong Kong to direct Bruce Le‘s Greatest Revenge (1978), starring Bruce Le, before going on to direct more than a dozen films, most of which actioners. He changed his name again in 1985 to To Kong-yue, and directed a series of horror and black magic films. He withdrew from film after 1992.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1992 《羔羊大律師》
Ladies Killer
1992 《笑傲俠義黃大仙》
Legend of Wong Tai Sin
1991 《艷鬼情未了》
The Pretty Ghostress Story
1988 《半暹降》
Devil Sorcery
1988 《猛鬼咒》
Devil Curse
1988 《如來八卦棍》
Eight Diagram Cudgel
1988 《猛鬼醫院》
Ghost's Hospital
1986 《凶咒》
Bloody Sorcery
1985 《鱷降》
Crocodile Evil
1983 《少林醉棍》
Shaolin Drunk Fighter
1982 《小飛龍》
Little Flying Dragon
1981 《貓妖》
Night Evil Soul
1981 《雙龍追踪》
Dragon Lee Fights Again
1980 《阿Sir 劈砲》
The Struggle
1980 《武師‧花旦‧大流氓》
The Star, the Rogue & the Kung Fu Kid
1979 《大教頭與騷娘子》
Bruce and the Iron Finger
1979 《鶴拳》
The Fists, the Kicks & the Evils
1979 《截拳鷹爪功》
Jeet Kune the Claws and the Supreme Kung Fu
1979 《十二潭腿》
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks
1979 《瘋拳癲腿》
Iron Fist Eagle Claw
1979 《刁禽雙絕》
Invincible Kungfu
1979 《截拳大蕩寇》
Dragon Bruce Lee Part II
1978 《大報復》
Bruce Le‘s Greatest Revenge
1975 《摧花毒降頭》
Magic Curse LU Chun Ku Tommy
1973 《小壁虎》
The Return of the Hero of the Waterfront