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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Lung Wei Johnny WANG
王龍威 | WANG Lung Wei Johnny

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was not difficult to become a director in Hong Kong. All you needed was some experience on set, a basic understanding of camera shots and the support of the boss. The major reason was that there was great demand for films, creating many opportunities for new directors.

But times have changed. The Hong Kong film industry is suffering from recession and it is now difficult for directors to land projects. I believe the recession was a result of Hong Kong films failing to satisfy the needs of modern audiences. Getting tired of seeing the same actors was another reason. But the fatal problem was a large percentage of budgets was used on one or two big-name stars, diminishing production budgets. As an audience member, I seldom have the patience to finish watching films in recent years. I hope the new generation of directors are able to overcome difficulties and put Hong Kong films on top again.

Among current directors, I like Derek Yee, Johnnie To, Alex Law, Mable Cheung, Wilson Yip and Peter Chan. Their films are sincere…


Born in Hong Kong in 1948, Johnny Wang Lung-wei was discovered by director Chang Cheh in 1974 to act in the film 5 Shaolin Masters. A devotee of martial arts since childhood, Wang became a respected martial arts actor and character actor, appearing in over 80 films, many with Chang or another famed kung-fu film director, Lau Kar-leung. He also served as action choreographer on many films.

In 1985, Wang was chosen by Shaw Brothers executive Mona Fong to start directing. His first film was This Man is Dangerous (1985), for which he was director, actor, scriptwriter and action choreographer. That debut effort was particularly challenging, when the writer Shek Wai-man committed suicide after submitting only the first draft, and Wang was forced to finish the script. The film enjoyed commercial success, giving Wang a good start. Wang had also directed many television films and television dramas.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2003 《女拳王》
In The Ring
1992 《花街狂奔》
Escape From Brothel
1991 《火爆浪子》
Angry Ranger
1990 《虎膽女兒紅》
Widow Warriors
1989 《同根生》
Bloody Brotherhood
1988 《殺出香港》
City Warriors
1988 《情義心》
1986 《流氓英雄》
The Innocent Interloper
1985 《山東狂人》
This Man Is Dangerous
1985 《尖東梟雄》
Hong Kong Godfather