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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Frankie WEI
韋弘 | WEI Frankie

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Frankie Wei Wang was born in 1936 and grew up in Taiwan. He entered an actor’s training program in 1957 and upon graduation, was signed by the film company Yong Hwa as an actor, making his first appearance in an Amoy dialect film. He was later forced to make his living working in the plastic industry when the Amoy film industry suffered a serious decline. When the dialect cinema enjoyed a comeback in the 1960s, he returned, performing in a large number of films.

In 1968, he switched to making Mandarin film, first appearing in One-Legged Friend (1968) and taking on the name Wu Bin. When he joined Shaw Brothers in 1971, he changed his name again, to Wei Wang, playing mostly supporting roles or villains. He later became a favorite of actor-turned director James Lui Kei, acting in many of Lui’s erotic films. In 1977, when his contract with Shaws ended, he acted as a free agent in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. In an illustrious career, Wei had appeared in over 100 films, including the Taiwan films The Ace of Swordsman (1969) and The Sword for a Killer (1970) as well as the Hong Kong films Swordsman at Large (1971), Sexy Girls of Denmark (1971), Sexy Girls of Denmark (1973), Dirty Ho (1970) and Wives and Lovers (1985). He later settled in Taiwan and retired from film in the mid-1990s.

Wei had directed one film, Lewd Lizard (1979), a film that features sensational treatment of sex and torture and had taken on a cult status, especially among Western viewers.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1979 《蟲》
Lewd Lizard