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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chung Yam Benny WONG
黃松鑫 | WONG Chung Yam Benny

Half a century into life without regrets. From naïve youth, I walked into the happy marriage I have today, all I can say is “Grateful, no regrets.”

During my grow-up years, Nam Sang Wai was a wonderful location for romantic films. I grew up from childhood in a place full of dramatic atmosphere, my character mellowed by nature. In spite of which, during my lifetime, I am extremely grateful to my beloved mentor, director Chor Yuen, for his appreciation of my work and his recommendations. That made it possible for my childhood dreams to come true. As part of Chor Yuen’s team, we learned a great deal. During production, we always received personal instructions from our beloved mentor. We all gained a lot of knowledge in the basics and theory of film, and we always received different opportunities to learn. I’m someone who rose through the ranks. It was indeed through the kindness and guidance of my beloved mentor that I was able to work in different departments and learn from them. Here, I wish to express my utmost gratitude to my most respected and beloved Director Chor Yuen. Thank you!


Benny Wong Chung-yam was born in China in 1956. He settled in Hong Kong at age 6 and grew up in the Nam Sang Wai area in Yuen Long. In 1976, he joined Shaw Brothers as a student-worker and apprenticed under director Chor Yuen. Later, sensing the imminent prosperity in the film industry, he forfeited an opportunity to study in Taiwan and began working full-time at Shaws. He was Assistant Director to Angela Chan On-kei and Alex Cheung Kwok-ming while also assuming administrative duties on Chor Yuen’s films for ten years, greatly adding to his knowledge of film production and clarifying the direction of his goals.

In 1989, through Chor Yuen’s recommendation and support, Wong made his directorial debut with That’s Money. Becoming a director was the turning point of his life.

After gaining recognition with That’s Money, Wong went to Shanghai to develop his film career. He also did administrative work for director Stanley Kwan’s Center Stage (aka The Actress) and Red Rose White Rose. In 1993, he joined Golden Harvest, also in behind-the-scenes departments, and poured his heart into scriptwriting and performing administrative duties within Mainland China.

In 2001, Wong received another chance and directed his second film, Gold Fingers. Throughout much of his eventful career, Wong focused on working independently, under his own name. He is now retired from the film industry.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2001 《二五傳說》
Gold Fingers
1989 《越軌行動》
That's Money