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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Fung WONG
王風 | WONG Fung

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Born in Guangzhou in 1923, Wong Fung started his screenwriting career in 1950 with the Cantonese cinema comedy She Says “No!” to Marriage (1951). He had amassed over 100 writing credits in Cantonese cinema, of which 42 are part of the legendary Wong Fei-hung series, in which Wong introduced the tune The General’s Order as the titular hero’s theme music. He was also the assistant director for Wu Pang’s Silvery Moon (1955) and production manager for Wu’s Fifteen Strings of Coins (1957).

Wong made his switch to the director’s chair in 1959, debuting with The White Lady’s Reincarnation. He wrote most of his early directorial efforts while Szeto On penned most of the Wong Feihung films he directed.

Only Wu had directed more installments of the Wong Fei-hung series than Wong, whose contributions to the series include Wong Fei-hung: The Invincible ‘Lion Dancer’ (1968), Wong Feihung: The Incredible Success in Canton (1968), Wong Fei-hung: The Eight Bandits (1968), Wong Fei-hung: The Duel against the Black Rascal (1968) and Wong Fei-hung’s Combat with the Five Wolves (1969). Wong had also formed his own production company, Golden Horse Films.

In 1975, Wong joined The Shaw Brothers Studio. Aside from directing Wong Fei-hung films, he also specialized in films about other figures from Cantonese folklore, most of them martial artists and con men, such as The Magic Whip (1968), Two Con Men (1975), Carry on Con Men (1975), Hustler from Canton (1976), Emperor Chien Lung (1976), The Mad Monk Strikes Again (1978), Mr. Funny Bone Strikes Again (1978), The Cunning Hustler (1978), The Last Judgment (1979) and The Best Hustler Wins (1979). In a span of two decades, Wong had directed 90 films.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1981 《灰靈》
Soul Ash WONG Ying Kit
1981 《灰靈》
Soul, Ash WONG Ying Kit
1980 《係咁先》
Police Sir
1979 《梁天來》
The Last Judgement
1979 《莽漢鬥老千》
Iron Bridge Kung Fu
1979 《倫文敘智鬥柳先開》
The Best Hustler Wins
1979 《風水奇譚》
Legend of Feng Shui
1978 《哈囉床上夜歸人》
Hello, Sexy Late Homecomers HSIA Tsu Hui HO Fan HUA Shan LI Han Hsiang SUEN Chung
1978 《哈囉床上夜歸人》
Hello Sexy Late Homecomers HO Fan HUA Shan HSIA Tsu Hui LI Han Hsiang SUEN Chung
1978 《倫文敘與沙三少》
The Cunning Hustler
1978 《烏龍濟公》
The Mad Monk Strikes Again
1978 《老夫子奇趣錄》
Mr. Funny Bone Strikes Again
1977 《扭計三星》
Return of the Con Men
1976 《鬼才倫文敘》
Hustler from Canton
1976 《乾隆皇奇遇記》
Emperor Chien Lung
1975 《扭計祖宗陳夢吉》
Two Con Men
1975 《七彩滿天神佛》
The Crazy Group
1975 《陳夢吉計破脂粉陣》
Carry on Con Men
1974 《多咀街》
Gossip Street
1974 《黃飛鴻義取丁財炮》
Rivals of Kung Fu
1971 《獅王之王》
Super Boxer
1970 《黑珍珠》
Black Pearl
1970 《飛劍神童》
Flying Sword and the Smart Lad
1970 《有殺冇賠》
Kill Without Compensation
1970 《三角圓床》
Triangular Round Bed
1970 《蕩婦》
The Lewd Woman
1970 《一代棍王》
King of Swindlers
1970 《滿肚密圈》
A Stomach of Crazy Tricks
1969 《滿天神佛》
A Big Mess
1969 《銀刀血劍》
Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade
1969 《血羅巾》
Bloody Handkerchief
1969 《黃飛鴻巧奪鯊魚青》
Wong Fei-Hung : The Duel for the ‘Sha-Yu-Qing'
1969 《黃飛鴻浴血硫磺谷》
Wong Fei-Hung in Sulphur Valley
1969 《餐搵餐食餐餐有》
One Day at a Time
1969 《黃飛鴻虎鶴鬥五狼》
Wong Fei-Hung's Combat with the Five Wolves
1969 《黃飛鴻神威伏三煞》
Wong Fei-Hung : The Conqueror of the ‘Sam-hong Gang'
1968 《神鞭俠》
The Magic Whip
1968 《黃飛鴻醉打八金剛》
Wong Fei-Hung: the Eight Bandits
1968 《怪俠三氣胭脂虎》
How a Strange Hero Thrice Teased an Unruly Girl
1968 《血影紅燈》
Red Lamp Shaded in Blood
1968 《黃飛鴻肉搏黑霸王》
Wong Fei-Hung : The Duel Against the Black Rascal
1968 《飛俠小白龍》
The White Dragon
1968 《黃飛鴻醒獅獨霸梅花樁》
Wong Fei-Hung : The Invincible ‘Lion Dancer'
1968 《藍鷹》
Blue Falcon
1968 《黃飛鴻威震五羊城》
Wong Fei-Hung: The Incredible Success in Canton
1968 《黃飛鴻拳王爭霸》
Wong Fei-Hung : Duel for the Championship
1967 《玉面女殺星》
The Lady Killer
1967 《情種》
The Great Lover
1967 《怪俠一枝梅》
The Strange Hero Yi Zhimei
1967 《金骷髏》
Golden Skeleton
1966 《鐵血恩仇錄 上集》
An Avenger's Tale ,Part 1
1966 《鐵血恩仇錄 下集》
An Avenger's Tale ,Part 2
1965 《雄心太子》
The Ambitious Prince
1965 《女人第一》
Lady First
1964 《魔宮神掌 上集》
Palace of Evil ,Part 1
1964 《神劍王子》
The Prince of the Magic Sword
1964 《魔宮神掌 下集》
Palace of Evil ,Part 2
1964 《打龍袍》
Striking the King
1964 《魔鬼的愛情》
Devil's Love
1963 《飛劍神龍》
The Flying Sword
1963 《追魂白骨刀》
The Murderous White-boned Blade
1963 《萬劍之王》
The King of Swords
1963 《夜半人狼》
Midnight Were-wolf
1963 《吸血神鞭》
The Magic Whip
1962 《黃毛怪人》
The Blonde Hair Monster
1962 《財叔殲霸戰》
How Cai Shu Subdued the Tyrant
1962 《斷橋產子》
Giving Birth on the Bridge
1962 《白猿女三盜寶蓮燈》
How the Ape Girl Stole the Lotus Lamp
1962 《連環謀殺案》
Chain Murder
1961 《白門斬呂布》
Lui Po
1961 《活骷髏浴血五仙觀》
The Attack of the Five Fairies Monastery
1961 《苗山白毛女 上集》
White Hair Girl of Miu Shan ,Part 1
1961 《天山龍鳳劍 上集》
The Swords of Tien Shan ,Part 1
1961 《苗山白毛女 下集》
White Hair Girl of Miu Shan ,Part 2
1961 《刁蠻女俠 上集》
Temperamental Amazon ,Part 1
1961 《魔犬追凶》
Hound Muderer Case
1961 《天山龍鳳劍 下集》
The Swords of Tien Shan ,Part 2
1961 《一劍九連環》
Sword and 9 Rings
1961 《蘆花河會母》
Meeting on the Weedy River
1961 《飛天小俠》
1961 《追魂太極鏢》
Little Sword and 9 Rings ,Part 2
1961 《刁蠻女俠 下集》
Temperamental Amazon ,Part 2
1960 《哪吒蛇山救母》
How Na Za Rescued His Mother from the Snake Mountain
1960 《十三號兇殺案》
House No. 13
1960 《神童靈犬擒兇記》
The Wonder Boy
1960 《五毒白骨鞭》
The Deadly Whip of Bones
1960 《雪峰魔女》
The Snow Peak Nymph
1960 《白蛇女碎屍還孽債上集》
The White-snake Girl ,Part 1
1960 《陰陽河會妻》
The White-snake Girl ,Part 2
1959 《白娘娘借屍還魂》
The White Lady's Reincarnation
1959 《白髮蘇娘懷石胎》
White-Haired Madam Su is Pregnant
1959 《石頭太子篡位 白髮蘇娘大結局》
Stone Prince Takes the Throne