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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ka Fai WONG
黃家輝 | WONG Ka Fai

Gratitude! I’m very grateful that I’d experienced the glorious days of Hong Kong cinema. With the gradual disappearance of celluloid, the digital era brings more room for creativity. Cameras now can shoot in 4K and projected in 4K in theaters. The maturity of technological development inspired my passion for film, making me realize that I need to work hard to catch up on the areas of personal creativity, thoughts and craft. I hope that better thoughts and messages can revitalize Hong Kong film and regain the former glories of Hong Kong.


Ally Wong Ka-fai, born in Hong Kong in 1964, entered Shaw Brothers in 1982, learning about cinematography on the job working for his father, cinematographer Wong Chit. In 1987, he served as focus puller for his older brother Arthur Wong on the Sammo Hung’s Eastern Condor (1987). With the help of his father, Wong became a cinematographer, his first project the action thriller Avenging Trio (1989). Since then, he had lensed over 70 films, including Painted Skin (2008), on which he worked with his brother Arthur Wong.

With Gigolo Revelation (1993), Wong became a director, followed by over 20 features and other television dramas. After working on Painted Skin, he began focusing on directing and photographing Mainland Chinese productions.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2007 《恐懼元素》
Fear Factors MAK Kai Kwong
2007 《一夜驚情》
A Night Surprise
2007 《A 貨B 貨》
Luxury Fantasy
2006 《失憶》
Loss Of Memory
2005 《陰氣逼人》
The Corpse Spirit Is Pressing
2004 《拳館》
A Girl Boxer
2004 《中年危機》
City Crisis
2004 《同步凶間》
A Decisive Move
2004 《飄雪六月天》
Snow Falling From The Sky of June
2004 《緣份之謎》
The Key To Destiny
2004 《神槍手》
The Marksman
2004 《錢殺人》
Money Kills
2003 《驚變》
Stunning Revelation
2003 《流氓經紀》
Rascal Agent LEUNG Hung Wah Tony
2001 《古惑仔之出位》
The Final Winner
2001 《不解之謎》
2000 《愛我別走》
When A Man Loves A Woman
2000 《旺角街頭》
To Where He Belongs
1999 《自殺前14 天》
Fourteen Days Before Suicide
1998 《對不起隊冧妳》
Take Five CHEUNG Roman
1998 《詭計》
Wipe Out
1998 《對不起,隊冧妳》
Take Five
1993 《舞男真面目》
Gigolo Revelation