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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kirk WONG
黃志強 | WONG Kirk

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Kirk Wong Chi-keung was born in 1949, and started working in the fashion industry after finishing secondary school. In 1974, he enrolled in the Jacob Kramer College in Leeds, England to study fashion design. Wong then furthered his studies by taking up stage design and production at Crydon College of Art. Upon graduation, he obtained television and stage experience by working at Anglia Television and Covent Garden. Wong returned to Hong Kong in 1978 to join TVB, and was responsible for such programs as Women at 30 and Enjoy Yourself Tonight. His debut feature, The Club (1981), utilized innovative techniques to portray the masculine world of gangsters in a realistic and daring way. This Triad film made a name for Wong, establishing his position as a key figure of the Hong Kong New Wave. Although he is not a prolific director, Wong combines filmmaking with occasional appearances in front of the camera.

Wong’s second film, Flash Future Kung Fu (1983) was another success. Produced on a low budget, this surreal and futuristic work, which combines sci-fi, punk and camp styles to depict endof- the-world nihilism, is considered one of the most unique Hong Kong films ever produced. As a result, this cult classic has been selected by Cable TV’s Film channel as one of the top 100 mustsee films, and chosen as one of the Best 200 Chinese Films of all time by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.

Wong’s 1993 work Crime Story (co-directed with Jackie Chan), was noted for its strongly distinctive visual style, earning Wong the moniker “Beast Director”. Adapted from a true 1990 kidnap case, Crime Story garnered the Best Actor Award for Jackie Chan at the 30th Taipei Golden Horse Awards and paved the way for Wong’s foray into Hollywood. Wong’s 1998 action film The Big Hit, starring Mark Wahlberg, was produced by John Woo. With first week gross of US$13 million, the film established Wong’s position in Hollywood (despite ticket sales slackening somewhat in the following weeks), allowing him to become one of the few Hong Kong directors, after John Woo, to achieve success in America. After a break of more than a decade, Wong’s second Hollywood film will be the sci-fi extravaganza Six, to be released in 2014, about six human mutants with superpowers who must fight for their own survival. The film was made with partly Chinese financing.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1998 《無字頭4 殺手》
The Big Hit
1994 《省港一號通緝犯》
Rock N' Roll Cop
1994 《重案實錄O 記》
Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
1993 《重案組》
Crime Story
1992 《買起曼克頓》
Taking Manhattan
1988 《天羅地網》
1986 《英雄正傳》
True Colours
1984 《鴻運當頭》
Lifeline Express
1983 《打擂台》
Health Warning
1981 《舞廳》
The Club