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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Sing Loy WONG
王星磊 | WONG Sing Loy

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Wong Sing-loy, was born in 1931 in Shandong province. Because of the Sino-Japanese War, he came to south China to continue his education. After settling in Hong Kong, he found work in the film industry and worked in various posts including continuity person, assistant sound recordist, scriptwriter, actor and assistant director, serving various studios including Motion Picture and General Investment, Shaw Brothers, Cathay and Grand Motion Pictures.

In the early 1060s, Wong worked as Griffin Yueh Feng’s assistant director to produce such films as The Deformed (1960), The Swallow (1961), Madame White Snake (1962), Lady General Hua Mulan (1964) and The Last Woman of Shang (1964). His first solo directorial project was Romance in the Northern Country (1968), filmed on location in Taiwan and based on the novel by Bu Naifu. The film was produced by Li Han-hsiang’s Grand Motion Pictures. His 1969 martial arts film Escorts over Tiger Hill, was renowned for its King Hu-like stylization.

Wong’s 1975 work Devil Crows won the Best FX award at the 8th Sitges Film Festival in Spain. His other notable works included Unsung Heroes of the Wilderness (1971), The Hero of Chiu Chow (1973) and The War of the Boundary (1978). After completing his final film, Arhats in Fury (1985), shot on location in Mainland China, Wong passed away in 1984.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1985 《八百羅漢》
Arhats in Fury
1983 《今之俠者》
Angry Young Man
1982 《鼉鼓鬼劍狼煙》
Warlock of the Battlefield
1980 《潮洲笑漢》
Little Mad Guy
1979 《百戰保山河》
Immortal Warriors LO Wei
1978 《百戰保山河》
Immortal Warriors CHENG Kang CHANG Tseng Chai LO Wei KUO Joseph
1978 《戰天山》
The War of the Boundary
1976 《詠春大兄》
He's a Legend , He's a Hero
1975 《鴉魔》
Devil Crows
1974 《珠江大風暴》
Tornado of Pearl River
1973 《潮州怒漢》
The Hero of Chiu Chow
1971 《大漠英雄傳》
Unsung Heroes of the Wilderness
1969 《虎山行》
Escorts Over Tiger Hill
1968 《北極風情畫》
Romance in the Northern Country
1964 《新啼笑姻緣》
Between Tears and Laughter LO Chen HO Meng Hwa