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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Taylor WONG
黃泰來 | WONG Taylor

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Born in 1950, Taylor Wong is the son of Wong Yiu, a distinguished 1960s Cantonese cinema director, and his former wife was popular singer Prudence Liew. Wong began his directorial career in television, responsible for various types of programs.

He switched to film in 1980, joining Shaw Brothers where he directed features in many differnet genres, such as popular wuxia film Buddha’s Palm (1982); the metropolitan love story Behind the Yellow Line (1984), which earned Anita Mui the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 4th Hong Kong Film Awards; and the courtroom drama Law or Justice? (1988).

Wong’s collaboration with superstars the likes of Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung had delivered celebrated features such as Spiritual Love (1987), Rich and Famous (1987), The Truth (1988), Triads—The Inside Story (1989) and The Three Swordsmen (1994). Produced by Chua Lam, his 1994 erotic classic, Girls Unbutton, was one of Loletta (Rachel) Lee Lai-chun’s most celebrated works.

Known for his generosity in nurturing fledging filmakers, Wong hired the theninexperienced Herman Yau Lai-to as cinematographer for Rich and Famous (1987), The Truth (1988) and Triads—The Inside Story (1989), setting the foundation for Yau to become a major director of Hong Kong.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1994 《刀劍笑》
The Three Swordsmen
1994 《不扣鈕的女孩》
Girls Unbutton
1993 《太子傳說》
No More Love, No More Death YAU Herman
1993 《一代梟雄之三支旗》
Man of the Times
1992 《明月照尖東》
With or Without You
1992 《女黑俠黃鶯》
Deadly Dream Woman
1991 《魔畫情》
Fantasy Romance
1990 《至尊計狀元才》
No Risk, No Gain HEUNG Jimmy
1990 《摩登如來神掌》
Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic
1989 《我在黑社會的日子》
Triads – The Inside Story
1989 《三狼奇案》
Sentenced to Hang
1989 《愛人同志》
Stars and Roses
1988 《法內情》
The Truth
1988 《法中情》
Law or Justice?
1987 《鬼新娘》
Spiritual Love LAI David
1987 《英雄好漢》
Tragic Hero
1987 《江湖情》
Rich and Famous
1985 《江湖了斷》
Pursuit of a Killer
1984 《緣份》
Behind the Yellow Line
1982 《如來神掌》
Buddha's Palm
1981 《飛刀.又見飛刀》
Return of the Deadly Blade