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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Tin Lam WONG
王天林 | WONG Tin Lam

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Wong Tin-lam was born in Shanghai in 1927 and immigrated to Hong Kong in 1935. After attending Pui Ching College, he joined the film industry in 1947, trying his hands on various posts, including continuity, sound recording, assistant director, as well as film processing and editing.

In 1950, Wong directed his first film, The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain at the age of just 23. He achieved great fame with Songs of the Peach Blossom River (1956, co-directed with Chang San-kuen), starring Chung Ching, Lo Wai and Chan Hau, which inaugurated a wave of Mandarin musicals.

When making Underground Sparks (1958) in Thailand, Wong met Motion Picture & General Investment’s Stephen Soong, and upon his return to Hong Kong, he joined that company, staying there until the 1970s and through its transition to Cathay Studios. Wong’s time at the company could be seen as the high point of his film career, during which he directed many outstanding works, including All In the Family (1959), which earned him the Best director Award at the 7th Asian Film Festival, as well as Lady On The Roof (1959), The Wild, Wild Rose (1960), The Greatest Civil War on Earth (1961), Because of Her (1963) and A Story of Three Loves (1964), of which The Wild, Wild Rose was regarded as a classic in Hong Kong cinema, included in the 100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies lineup of the Hong Kong Film Archive. In addition to Mandarin films, Wong also directed a number of Cantonese works. Many of them are martial arts films featuring the legendary characters of Wong Fei Hung and Fong Sai Yuk, but Wong also made dramas and more literary works such as Second Spring (1960) and Double Date (1962). Wong was an extremely prolific director, having made over 200 Cantonese, Mandarin and Amoydialect films throughout his long and illustrious career.

In the early 1970s, the Cantonese film market went into decline and Wong found himself out of work for over a year. He later joined TVB as a producer, on the referral Chung King Fai, a leading figure in theater and television. He soon gained notice with his period dramas, his best-remembered among them A Story of Three Lovers, The Book and the Sword, Chor Lau Heung, Yesterday’s Glitter and Love and Passion, all of which with profound influence on the development of Hong Kong television.

Wong’s final film as director was the comedy thriller Pursuit (1980), after which he made occasional cameo appearances in moviesand television. In 2002, he was honored at the Golden Bauhinia Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Wong passed away on 16 November 2010 in Hong Kong. His son is also a noted director, the equally prolific Wong Jing.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1980 《懵佬,大賊,傻偵探》
1979 《光棍·神偷· 雙彩鳳》
The Good, the Bad and the Beauties
1979 《鬼馬智多星》
The Magic Machines
1979 《大鬥大》
The Utmost Greatness
1978 《歡天喜地對親家》
The Rollick Marriage
1974 《猛虎鬥狂龍》
The Big Showdown
1974 《啼笑夫妻》
My Darling Love
1973 《山東老大》
Dragon Blows
1972 《奪命拳王》
The Fist That Kills
1972 《喜從天上來》
Bliss From Heaven
1971 《追擊》
The Chase
1970 《異鄉客》
The Unknown Swordsman
1969 《神經刀》
Mad, Mad Sword
1969 《試情記》
How Love Is Tested
1969 《盜璽》
The Royal Seal
1968 《七大盜》
Desperate Seven
1968 《紅梅閣》
Red Plum Pavilion
1968 《太太萬歲》
Darling, Stay at Home
1968 《決鬥惡虎嶺》
Travels with a Sword
1968 《血灑紅玫瑰》
The Crimson Rose
1967 《麒麟送子》
Little Matchmaker
1967 《蘇小妹》
Wife of a Romantic Scholar
1966 《自作多情》
Mistaken Love
1966 《銷錦囊》
The Lucky Purse
1965 《金玉奴》
A Beggar's Daughter
1964 《南北喜相逢》
The Greatest Love Affair on Earth
1964 《啼笑姻緣 上集》
A Story of Three Loves ,Part 1
1964 《深宮怨》
Romance of the Forbidden City
1964 《寶蓮燈》
The Magic Lamp LO Wei
1964 《啼笑姻緣 下集》
A Story of Three Loves ,Part 2
1963 《小兒女》
Father Takes a Bride
1963 《教我如何不想他》
Because of Her
1962 《福慧雙修》
Double Date
1962 《珍珠淚》
Her Pearly Tears
1962 《南北一家親》
The Greatest Wedding on Earth
1962 《血戰摩天嶺》
Huit Chin Moh Tien Leng
1962 《那個不多情 續集》
Who Is Not Romantic? ,Part 2
1962 《一飛沖天》
Soaring High
1962 《火中蓮》
Lily of the Valley
1962 《血戰摩天嶺續集大結局》
Huit Chin Moh Tien Leng ,Part 2
1961 《遊戲人間》
You Were Meant for Me
1961 《殺人王大戰扭計深》
Man Killer Against the Tricky Man
1961 《文婷玉火海殲仇》
Venture of the Lady Musketeer
1961 《南北和》
The Greatest Civil War on Earth
1960 《私戀》
Secret Affairs
1960 《我的愛人就是你》
You Are My Loved One
1960 《多情的野貓》
The Amorous Pussy-Cat
1960 《女俠文婷玉》
The Lady Musketeer
1960 《小鳥依人》
The Innocent Girl
1960 《殺機重重》
Death Traps
1960 《入室佳人》
A Challenge of Love
1960 《翠樓春曉》
Second Spring
1960 《七喜臨門》
The Seven Lucky Ones
1960 《野玫瑰之戀》
The Wild, Wild Rose
1960 《鐵臂金剛》
The Iron Fist
1959 《火燒紅蓮寺 三集》
The Story of Red Lotus Temple ,Part 3
1959 《家有喜事》
All in the Family
1959 《兩傻大鬧太空》
Riots in Outer Space
1959 《百鳥朝鳳》
All For Her
1959 《火燒紅蓮寺 第四集》
The Story of Red Lotus Temple ,Part 4
1959 《樑上佳人》
Lady on the Roof
1959 《百花公主》
Princess of a Hundred Flowers
1958 《鳳凰于飛》
The Flight of the Phoenix
1958 《蛇女思凡》
The Serpent Girl's Worldly Fancies
1958 《濟公燒琵琶精》
Monk Chai Kung Sets Fire on the Impenetrable Pi-pa Spirit
1958 《地下火花》
Underground Sparks
1958 《熱女郎》
Hot Lady
1958 《蛇女思凡》
Golden City Pagoda
1958 《望夫歸》
Waiting for My Lover's Return
1958 《龍交龍鳳交鳳》
Marrying Into Your Own Class
1958 《銀海笙歌》
The Film World's Merry Song
1958 《浴室丟屍》
Discarded Body in a Bathroom
1958 《番婆弄》
Shrews from Afar
1957 《飛仙俠大破謀人寺 上集》
Flying Swordsman's Raid on Criminal Monastery ,Part 1
1957 《飛仙俠大破謀人寺 下集》
Flying Swordsman's Raid on Criminal Monastery ,Part 2
1957 《千里送京娘》
Escorting King-neung on a 1000 Mile Journey
1957 《棺材精生仔》
The Coffin Spirit Bears a Son
1957 《阿里山之鶯》
The Nightingale of Alishan
1957 《小鳳》
An Orphan Girl
1957 《梅花飛劍俠》
Flying Swordsman of the Plum Blossom
1957 《風雨桃花村》
The Storm-Tossed Village
1957 《龍女》
The Mermaid Princess
1957 《隱身女俠》
Invisible Female Knight
1957 《湘西趕屍記》
Corpse-Drivers of Xiangxi
1956 《失匙夾萬》
The Scatterbrain
1956 《昭君出塞》
Wong Chiu-kwan Leaves For the Frontier
1956 《十三妹》
Thirteenth Sister
1956 《桃花江》
Songs of the Peach Blossom River
1956 《葡萄仙子》
Angel of the Vineyard
1956 《杜十娘怒沉百寶箱》
Tenth Madam To Sinks Her Treasure Chest in Anger
1956 《安安尋母》
An'an Searches for His Mother
1956 《一榜三狀元》
The 3 Best Scholars
1956 《那個不多情 上下集》
Who Isn't Romantic? ,Part 1 & 2
1956 《趙飛燕》
The Story of Chiu Fei-yin
1956 《潘巧雲情挑石秀》
Poon Hau-wan's Seduction of Sek Sau
1956 《薔薇處處開》
Season of Budding Roses
1956 《黃飛鴻沙面伏神犬》
How Wong Fei-hung Vanquished the Ferocious Dog in Shamian
1956 《夜半歌聲》
Song at Midnight
1956 《王昭君》
Wang Zhaojun
1956 《江湖奇俠 新火燒紅蓮寺》
Strange Hero
1955 《小鳳仙 續集》
Lady Balsam's Conquest
1955 《百變梅花俠》
Heroine of a Hundred Faces
1955 《狀元貪駙馬》
The Scholar Whose Ambition is to Marry a Princess
1955 《真假濟公》
The Magic Monk and His Double
1955 《梁山伯與祝英台》
The Romance of Leung Shan-pak and Chuk Ying-toi
1955 《陳世美不認前妻》
Chen Shimei Denies His Wife
1954 《碧血黃花》
Blood-Stained Flowers LO Wei
1954 《觀世音》
Goddess of Mercy
1953 《蘇乞兒》
A Beggar Named Su
1953 《同遮唔同柄》
Not All Umbrellas Have Similar Handles
1953 《黃飛鴻義救海幢寺 上集》
How Wong Fei-hung Redeemed Haichuang Temple ,Part 1
1953 《黃飛鴻義救海幢寺 下集》
How Wong Fei-hung Redeemed Haichuang Temple ,Part 2
1952 《血濺金沙灣》
Bloody Fight by the Golden Sand Beach
1952 《怪面虎大鬧骷髏洞》
How Queer-faced Raided the Cave of the Skulls
1952 《方世玉肉搏洪熙官》
The Duel Between Fong Sai-yuk and Hung Hei-kun
1952 《奇俠黑旋風》
An Extraordinary Hero, Black Swirling Wind
1952 《白蛇傳》
The Legend of Madame White Snake
1952 《歌唱方世玉打擂台 上、下集》
Fong Sai-yuk Challenges the Boxing-Stage Champion ,Part 1 & 2
1952 《女俠一丈紅》
Heroine in Red
1951 《荒江女俠大破蜈蚣陣》
How The Heroine of Deserted River Shattered the Centipedes Militia
1951 《峨嵋飛劍橫掃金銀宮》
How the Flying Swordsman from Emei Mountain Raided Gold and Silver Palace
1951 《雌雄雙俠》
The Chivalrous Pair
1951 《飛刀李鳳嬌》
Lee Fung-kiu's Flying Daggers
1951 《峨嵋飛俠誤闖風火島》
Flying Swordsman's Adventures on the Island of Wind and Fire
1951 《雷電追風劍》
The Lightning Sword
1951 《崑崙三劍俠》
Three Swordsman from Kunlun
1951 《無敵連環鏢》
Darts of Fury
1950 《峨嵋飛劍俠》
The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain
1950 《方世玉父子報血仇》
Fong Sai-yuk and Junior's Revenge
1950 《女三劍俠》
Three Girl Musketeers
1950 《神俠金羅漢》
The Magnificent Hero Gold Arhat
1950 《花王之女》
The Gardener's Daughter
1950 《峨嵋飛劍俠 下集》
The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain ,Part 2
1950 《江湖奇俠》
The Strange Hero
1950 《飛劍俠血戰周家莊》
The Flying Swordsman's Bloody Battle at Zhou Village
1950 《峨嵋飛劍俠大破青螺谷》
The Flying Swordsmen of Emei Wins the Battle in Green Snails Valley