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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ying WONG
黃鷹 | WONG Ying

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Wong Ying was born in Beijing in 1956. Raised and educated in Hong Kong, Wong’s love for writing blossomed at an early age. He began to write his own wuxia novels when he was a Form 4 student, first having his work published in a Ni Kuangedited publication. After graduation, Wong joined Universal Publishing as an illustrator for wuxia novels. Later, after taking over to write a serialized novel for author Ku Lung, Wong made a successful switch to full-time novelist. Among his noted works are The Roving Swordsman and Bastard Swordsman. His successful jiangshi (“hoping vampire”) serials also earned him the moniker “The King of Horror.”

In 1978, Redifussion Television adapted one of Wong’s novels into a drama series and a year later, he started writing for television. In 1980, Wong turned to writing for film, first co-writing the New Wave wuxia drama The Sword (1980). Then he penned his own script for The Loot (1980). From 1980 till his death in 1991, he was involved with over 70 screenplays, most notably, Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1980), Mr. Vampire (1985), New Mr. Vampire (1985), Brotherhood (1987), King of Gambler (1990) and Swordsman (1990).

Wong got his first taste in directing in 1985 with Untouchably Yours, starring Carroll Gordon and Louie Castro. He also directed The First Vampire in China (1986) and Return of the Dragon (1987). He died of a stroke in 1991 at age 35.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1987 《魔高一丈》
Return of the Dragon
1986 《茅山學堂》
The First Vampire in China
1985 《摸錯骨》
Untouchably Yours