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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Teresa WOO
胡珊 | WOO Teresa

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Teresa Woo founded the production company Molesworth in the mid-1980s, herself serving as producer, writer and director in its projects. The company was responsible for eight films and it was widely believed that Sally Aw, credited in many Molesworth’s products as presenter, is head of the Sing Tao News Organization.

Woo directed five of Molesworth’s eight films, including her debut, the yuppie romantic drama Missed Date (1986), starring Chow Yun-fat and Olivia Cheng, which she also wrote. In the same year she directed her first film, Woo also produced the drama Lost Romance (1986), directed by Yonfan and starring Chow Yunfat and Maggie Cheung, and director Shu Kei’s sophomore effort Soul (1986) and Jamie Luk’s My Will, I Will (1986). The latter two were among the three Molesworth films not directed by Woo, the third one being Guests in the House (1988), also directed by Luk.

Woo’s own sophomore project was Life is a Moment (1987), a time-travel romance. Between 1987 and 1989, Woo produced, wrote and directed the Molesworth action film Angel (1987) and its two sequels. The first chapter of the series features the Japanese actors Saijo Hideki and Oshima Yukari, teamed with Hong Kong actors Alex Fong and Moon Lee, capturing much attention and spawning two sequels. All three films feature executive directors who helped with action choreography, such as Raymonf Leung and Ivan Lai in the first installment and Stanley Tong in the second and third chapters.

After writing and producing the American film College Kickboxers (1992), directed by the Hollywood veteran Eric Sherman, Woo withdrew from the film industry.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1989 《天使行動III 魔女末日》
Angel III TONG Stanley
1988 《天使行動II 火鳳狂龍》
Angel II TONG Stanley
1987 《朝花夕拾》
Life is a Moment
1987 《天使行動》
1986 《初一十五》
Missed Date