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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ma WU
午馬 | WU Ma

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Wu Ma was born in 1942 in Tianjin. He moved to Hong Kong in 1960 and found work in a textile factory. In 1963, he enrolled in The Shaw Brothers Studio’s first ever artist training program, learning alongside the likes of future wuxia star Lo Lieh. Upon graduation, he became an actor for Show Brothers and made his debut in the Griffin Yueh Feng-directed opera film Lady General Hua Mulan (1964). Wu has since amassed over 300 acting credits_The Butterfly Chalice (1965), The Knight of Knights (1967), The Thundering Sword (1967), My Son (1970) and A Taste of Cold Steel (1970), to name a few.

Wu first became assistant director working for the legendary martial-arts director Chang Cheh in 1968 for the film Golden Swallow, followed by The Wandering Swordsman (1970) and King Eagle (1971).

He made the leap to the director’s chair in 1972, co-directing the films The Water Margin (1972) and The Pirate (1973) with Chang and cinematographer Pao Hsueh-li. Having honed his craft under Chang, Wu became sought after by independent production companies from Taiwan and Hong Kong. His first solo effort at the helm was Wrath of the Sword (1970), followed by other action flicks such as Deaf and Mute Heroine (1971) and Wits to Wits (1974). Wu co-directed with Chang again for 1975’s All Men Are Brothers before leaving Shaw Brothers and joining his mentor’s then-newly formed Chang’s Film Company in Taiwan, where he assisted in productions such as Five Shaolin Masters (1974) and Disciples of Shaolin (1975).

Noticing the revived interest in Cantonese cinema in 1980s Hong Kong, Wu took advantage of the trend at the time and directed Beware of Pickpockets (1981), The Dead and the Deadly (1982), Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom (1985), My Cousin the Ghost (1987). Since lending a hand to Sammo Hung in the production of The Prodigal Son (1981), Wu took on developmental duties at Golden Harvest and was involved with the planning of films like Last Eunuch in China (1988). His work behind the scenes was instrumental in kick-starting the careers of a new generation of actors and filmmakers, such as the actor Mang Hoi and the director Jacob Cheung Chi-leung. In 1987, Wu’s turn as Taoist swordsman Yin Chik-ha in 1987’s A Chinese Ghost Story received much critical acclaim and earned the prolific actor the Best Supporting Actor award at the 24th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

Wu died of cancer in 2014 at the age of 71.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2006 《天下第一宴》
The Best Banquet in the World
2005 《無敵小子霍元甲》
Insuperable Kid Huoyuanjia
1999 《一代梟雄一曹操》
Generation Pendragon TSAI Lex
1999 《諸葛孔明》
Generation Consultant TSAI Lex
1999 《一代梟雄- 曹操》
General Pendragon
1999 《諸葛孔明》
General Consultant
1994 《馬戲小子》
Circus Kids
1994 《鍾馗嫁妹》
The Chinese Ghostbuster
1993 《驅魔道長》
Exorcist Master
1993 《黃飛鴻之鬼腳七》
1991 《靈狐》
Fox Legend
1991 《賭魔》
Devil Gambler
1990 《西環的故事》
Story of Kennedy Town
1990 《舞台姊妹》
Stage Door Johnny
1989 《義膽群英》
Just Heroes WOO John
1989 《火燭鬼》
Burning Sensation
1988 《畫中仙》
Picture of a Nymph
1987 《表哥到》
My Cousin the Ghost
1986 《小生獻醜》
Shyly Joker TSANG Chi Wai Eric
1985 《智勇三寶》
Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom
1982 《人嚇人》
The Dead and the Deadly
1981 《歡樂神仙窩》
Beware of Pickpockets
1981 《神勇突擊隊》
Brave Commando
1980 《醉八仙拳》
Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards
1980 《少林英雄》
The Shaolin Heroes
1979 《小李飛刀》
Flying Sword Lee PAO Hsueh Li
1979 《手扣》
The Handcuff
1979 《白馬素車勾魂幡》
Eunuch of the Western Palace
1978 《蛇鶴丹心震九州》
Snake Crane Secret
1978 《玉蜻蜓》
The Murder of Murders
1978 《胡惠乾血戰西幝寺》
Showdown at the Cotton Mill
1977 《海軍突擊隊》
The Naval Commandos PAO Hsueh Li CHANG Cheh
1977 《江湖漢子》
Magnificent Wanderers
1977 《太極八蛟》
Shaolin Deadly Kicks
1977 《血玉》
Along Comes a Tiger
1976 《方世玉與胡惠乾》
The Shaolin Avengers CHANG Cheh
1976 《江湖漢子》
Magnificent Wanderers CHANG Cheh
1976 《少林寺》
Shaolin Temple CHANG Cheh
1976 《蔡李佛小子》
New Shaolin Boxers CHANG Cheh
1976 《八道樓子》
Seven Man Army CHANG Cheh
1975 《金三角》
The Golden Triangle
1975 《蕩寇誌》
All Men are Brothers
1974 《出乎意料》
April Fool
1974 《七省拳王》
The Manchu Boxer
1974 《大鐵牛》
The Dumb Ox
1974 《鏢旗飛揚》
The Protectors
1974 《狼狽為奸》
Wits to Wits
1973 《大海盜》
The Pirate PAO Hsueh Li CHANG Cheh
1973 《蕩寇誌》
All Men are Brothers CHANG Cheh
1973 《小老虎》
The Young Tiger
1972 《水滸傳》
The Water Margin PAO Hsueh Li CHANG Cheh
1971 《聾啞劍》
Death and Mute Heroine
1970 《怒劍狂刀》
Wrath of the Sword