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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ka Hung YAU
邱家雄 | YAU Ka Hung

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Yau Ka-hung was born in Hong Kong and joined TVB in the 1970s to work in production. He was the director of the martial arts series The Twins (1979). In the 1980s and 1990s he became a producer, marked by his casting Stephen Tung Wai in various kung-fu dramas, such as The Young Heroes of Shaolin (1981) and The Restless Trio (1982). He was also the producer of many other popular series, including The Radio Tycoon (1983), Woman on the Beat (1983), The Return of Wong Fei Hung (1984), Take Care Your Highness (1985), The Feud of Two Brothers (1986), The Price of Growing Up (1987), Deadly Secret (1989), The Cop Story (1990), Super Cop (1992), Being Honest (1993) and The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back (1993).

Yau entered the film industry in 1985, directing the kung-fu comedy Crazy Shaolin Disciples (1985) for Shaw Brothers, which starred Chin Siu-ho, Gordon Liu (aka Lau Kafai) and Wong Yu. That same year, TVB formed Jade Movie Production, which produced Young Cops (1985), directed by Yau and starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Anita Mui, Lui Fong and Margie Tsang Wah-Sin. In 1989, Yau directed Lucky Guys, starring Jackie Cheung, Eric Tsang, Carina Lau and Sandra Ng.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1989 《福星臨門》
Lucky Guys
1985 《弟子也瘋狂》
Crazy Shaolin Disciples
1985 《青春差館》
Young Cops