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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kuen YEUNG
楊權 | YEUNG Kuen

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Yeung Kuen was born in Guangzhou in 1931 and moved to Hong Kong in 1948. He loved films growing up, often cutting classes to attend. He also kept notes and wrote comments, laying the foundation for his future career as scriptwriter and director. In 1956, he entered the film school ran by famed actor Wang Yuen-lung, studying writing and directing while working to pay for tuition. Teachers included renowned directors like Li Han-hsiang, Doe Chin and Tu Kuang-chi and fellow students include future stars like Pat Ting Hung and John Lo Mar. Finishing his studies as the school’s first generation of graduates, Yeung raised money with other students to make Flying Corpse on a Foggy Night (1959), serving as writer and director. Unfortunately the film was denied release because of its unknown cast. The film was lost for over 50 years until a copy was located in recent years by the Hong Kong Film Archive.

In 1959, Yeung worked continuity for Tu, then joined the Cantonese cinema company Tao Yuen, serving as assistant director to such famed directors as Lung To, Wu Pang, Mok Hong-si, Fung Fung, Wong Tin-lam and Chor Yuen. Mok was his mentor and they worked together on 27 films in a span of four years, including the famous Connie Chan Po-chu series Lady Bond (1966-1967).

Yeung took up the director’s helm again in 1967, making Lady in Pink with Josephine Siao and Woo Fung. In the next 30 years, he had directed over 40 films, in different genres, with different approaches.

His best known films are Lucky Seven (1970) and its sequel Lucky Seven Strike Again (1970). Labeled as erotic films, they actually offer vivid portraits of the sexual repressions of working class men. Another outstanding series is The Country Bumpkin (1974) and its sequel The Country Bumpkin in Style (1974) as well as Enjoy Longevity-300 Years (1975), all of which explore the conflict between tradition and modernity, country and city.

In his 50s in the 1980s, Yeung remained active, working steadily in various genres, including the youth films The Daring Age (1981) and The Drummer (1983), the latter starring a young Leslie Cheung. He joined Shaw Brothers in 1983, maintaining a steady output of works, a pattern he managed to keep into the 1990s, with hits like The Revenge of Angel (1990) and Candlelight’s Woman (1995).

Yeung later immigrated with his wife to the United States and passed away in New York in 2012 at age 81.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1999 《唐朝禁宮秘史》
Empress Wu
1998 《轟天雙龍會》
Legend of 2 Dragons
1995 《元洲街王后》
Candlelight's Woman
1994 《冷血人狼》
Bloody Beast
1994 《地下賭王》
Gambling Baron
1993 《中港儷人》
China Girls
1993 《暗戀你》
Secret Admirer
1990 《水玲瓏》
The Revenge of Angel
1987 《隔世鬼姦情》
Ghost's Lover
1987 《江湖正傳》
Fortune Hunters
1986 《夜之女》
Night Girls
1985 《錯體人》
My Mind, Your Body
1985 《現代豪放女》
Twisted Love
1984 《我愛神仙遮》
My Darling Genie
1983 《鼓手》
The Drummer
1983 《種鬼》
Seeding of a Ghost
1982 《魔界》
Hell Has No Boundary
1981 《I.Q. 爆棚》
The Daring Age
1980 《孖寶闖八關》
Read Lips
1979 《六合千手》
Duel of the Seven Tigers
1979 《毒玫瑰與大保鑣》
Poison Rose and the Bodyguard
1978 《愛慾狂潮》
Their Private Lives
1978 《猛男大賊胭脂虎》
Storming Attacks
1978 《鬥串》
The Smart Guys
1978 《天降橫財》
Big Leap Forward
1977 《入冊》
Hot Blood
1976 《大毒后》
The Drug Queen
1976 《新蘇小妹三難新郎》
Learned Bride Thrice Fools the Bridegroom
1976 《花心三少騷銀姐》
The Prodigal Son
1976 《撈家‧邪牌‧姑爺仔 台灣片名:風塵女》
The Hunter, the Butterfly and the Crocodile
1975 《男人40 一條龍》
Don't Call Me Uncle
1975 《遊戲人間三百年》
Enjoy Longevity-300 Years
1974 《大鄉里》
The Country Bumpkin
1974 《早婚》
Too Young
1974 《街知巷聞》
Tenants of Talkative Street
1974 《大鄉里八面威風》
The Country Bumpkin in Style
1973 《搖錢樹》
The Money-tree
1973 《英雄榜》
Chinese Kung Fu
1970 《歡樂時光》
Happy Times
1970 《不敢回家的少女》
The Young Girl Dares Not Homeward
1970 《七擒七縱七色狼》
Lucky Seven
1970 《橫衝直撞七色狼》
Lucky Seven Strike Again
1970 《我永遠記著你》
I Will Remember You Always
1969 《合歡歌舞慶華年》
Let's Sing and Dance to Celebrate a Peaceful Year
1969 《三招了》
Three Encounters
1969 《成家立室》
Let's Build a Family NG Wui LEE Tit WU Pang
1969 《響尾追魂鞭》
Rattling Whip
1967 《紅粉金剛》
Lady in Pink
1959 《霧夜飛屍》
Flying Corpse on a Foggy Night