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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Lui James YI
伊雷 | YI Lui James

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James Yi Lui was born in 1943, his father the famed comic actor Yi Chau-shui of Cantonese cinema, who passed away when he was 12. He joined Shaw Brothers at age 17 as an actor, appearing in productions such as Sweet Girl in Terror (1958), Bride from Another Town (1959) and Love on the Lonely Bridge (1959), in which he played mostly bit parts. His luck began to turn after serving notice with a remarkable performance in Teddy Girls (1969), the socially-conscious youth films directed by the important 1960s director Patrick Lung Kong. He then acted mostly in Mandarin films and achieved stardom after a comic turn in Adventure in Denmark (1973), earning top billing in many subsequent films.

Yi then formed his own company and directed the comedy Gee and Jor (1978), in which he also starred and executive produced. In 1979, Yi served as the guarantor for a friend’s business and served time in jail due to unpaid debts. After his release in April, 1980, he continued to work in the film industry.

Over his career as an actor, Yi had appeared in nearly 100 films, including The Little Man, Ah Fook (1974), A Haunted House (1974), Bald-Headed Betty (1975), The Stupid Sailor, Ah Fook (1975), Foxbat (1977), Lam Ah Chun (1978), The Extras (1978), Disco Fever (1979), Lam Ah Chun Blunders Again (1979), The Luckiest Trio (1980), Wedding Bells, Wedding Belles (1981), To Sir with Troubles (1981) and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1983).

After directing and starring in the ghost comedy Excuse Me, Please! (1989), also starring Richard Ng, he left the film industry to focus on business ventures. He passed away in 1999 due to heart disease at the age of 56.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1989 《猛鬼山墳》
Excuse Me, Please !
1982 《鯊魚燒賣》
Food For The Sharks WU David
1982 《鯊魚燒賣》
Food fo the Sharks WU David
1978 《谷爆》
Gee and Jor