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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Tin Hang Stephen YIP
葉天行 | YIP Tin Hang Stephen

I have been in this business for a few decades. I switched from acting to directing because I worried that acting may not provide a steady income, and as a director, I feared having to pitch my ideas to investors. So I became selfemployed and produced many films through my company.

When the film market in Hong Kong and overseas shrunk, I made tele-features. When Hong Kong film lost its direction, I switched to the food and beverage industry and taught art. Now I have found a new direction, which reignited my passion for directing. In the past few years, I have been shuttling between provinces in China. Once you fall in love with film, it’s hard to let go.

When I retire, I’ll open a gallery-restaurant where old friends of mine can gather and reminisce about the past.


Stephen Yip Tin-hang is a Hong Kong actor and director. He was a graduate of the first actors training course held by Shaw Brothers and TVB. He started out as a martial arts actor and signed with Chang Cheh’s Chang’s Film Productions as an actor, performed in many of the company’s Taiwan productions such as Five Shaolin Masters (1974), Shaolin Martial Arts (1974), Disciples of Shaolin (1975) and Seven Man Army (1976), among others. Yip later found work as an actor at Commercial Television, ATV and TVB. In his acting career, Yip was cast mainly in villainous roles. Yip left TVB in 1986 to focus on films.

Yip wrote and directed his first film, Missing Man, in 1989, which starred Alex Man Tze-leung, Joey Wong, and Carrie Ng. Aside from directing, Yip has also been active as a screenwriter, producer, line producer and executive producer.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2008 《水滸笑傳之林沖打鴨》
The Case of the Golden Ball
2008 《水滸笑傳之黑店尋寶》
The Lord of the Treasure
2008 《倩女失魂》
Ancient Ghost Buster
2008 《唐伯虎「飛」秋香》
Another Love Story
2008 《風流盜帥韋小寶》
Naughty Couple
2008 《冒牌大狀審死官》
He's not a Lawyer
2008 《新東成西就》
Forever Heros LUK Kim Ming Jamie
2008 《龍馬精神大贏家》
God of Gamble
2006 《蛇女添丁》
Snake Babies
2006 《蛇妖世界》
The World of Snakes
2006 《勾魂蛇魔女》
Witch of the Snake
2005 《幽靈追凶》
2005 《東洋双辣之女拳王》
Female Boxer
2005 《賭皇鬥賭后》
Gamble Kingdom
2005 《阿嫲出更》
My Grandmother Was a Cop
2005 《艷星劫》
2005 《頭七回魂》
Seven Days in Hell
2004 《我老婆係兇手》
My Wife Is a Murderer
2004 《臨時特工》
Part Time Agent
2003 《幕後殺手》
Backstage Killer
2001 《香帥傳奇之我和殭屍有個約會》
Lunge Party
2000 《流氓特警》
The Mob Cop MOU Kin Tak
1999 《人蛇大戰之人蛇浴血戰》
Devil Snake Girl MOU Kin Tak
1999 《玉蒲團之淫行無道》
Sin of Flirtation
1999 《千禧金瓶梅之迷姦武二郎》
Dick's Dick Dicks
1997 《至激殺人犯》
Mad Stylist
1994 《少林活寶貝》
The Shaolin Kids in Hong Kong
1993 《我愛狐狸精》
I Love Miss Fox
1993 《世外情緣》
Summer Kiss, Winter Tear
1992 《星期五之舞男》
Friday Gigolo
1991 《曝光人物》
Fatal Mission
1989 《都市獵人》
Missing Man