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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Ying YIP
葉偉英 | YIP Wai Ying

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Yip Wai-ying is a veteran cinematographer who began his career in the mid-1980s. He had served as a camera assistant under such top-notch local cinematographers as Arthur Wong, Peter Ngor, Andrew Lau, Tom Lau, Adam Tam and Cheung Man-po.

Yip lensed his first film in 1996 with Devil’s Woman, but it was not until the year 2000 that he became a full-time cinematographer. Among his most notable work was A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear (2000).

In 2001, Yip started working for B & S Films Creation Works House, directing more than a dozen digital features, including Crazy For Pig-Bone In Pot (2001), as well as four horror films in the Troublesome Night series (2001-2003). In addition, he served as the cinematographer on numerous digital features.

In 2003, Yip directed his first 35mm feature, My Troublesome Buddy, and followed up in 2006 with Half Twin, which he directed and lensed. As a director and cinematographer, Yip is known mostly for horror and suspense films, and is adept at crafting terrifying and other worldly imageries.

Yip shifted his career base to Mainland China in 2004 and codirected Men in the Blue Mood (2004) with Chinese actor Xu Chenglin, as well as directing the TV series The Lotus (2004), starring Tse Kwan-ho.

His most recent directorial effort was The True Love (2014), starring Stephy Tang, while his latest work as cinematographer was The Extreme Fox (2014), starring Chrissie Chau. Both films were released in Mainland China in 2014.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《午夜凶夢》
2009 《古宅魂迷》
Lost Soul in the Ancient House
2006 《半邊靈》
Half Twin
2004 《不死廢人》
2004 《兩個保鑣》
2004 《三個男人故事》
Men in the Blue Mood
2003 《我要結婚》
I Want to Get Married
2003 《陰陽路十九之我對眼見到嘢》
Troublesome Night 19
2003 《我的麻煩老友》
My Troublesome Buddy
2003 《傷生兒》
A Jealous Sister
2003 《男人之苦》
Man in Blues
2003 《醫心無悔》
The Beautiful Life
2003 《失敗家族》
Bust Family
2002 《我愛夏日長》
Don't Let the Sun Go Down
2002 《陰陽路[ 十四] 之雙鬼拍門》
Troublesome Night 14
2002 《一屋貪錢人》
Money Suckers
2002 《現代灰姑娘》
Modern Cinderella
2002 《陰陽路十六之回到武俠時代》
Troublesome Night 16
2002 《監獄風雲之傳教士》
Prison on Fire - Preacher
2001 《現代女性》
Ling's Story
2001 《陰陽路[ 十二] 美容屍》
Troublesome Night 12
2001 《內有惡警》
Tough Cop Inside
2001 《情迷猪骨煲》
Crazy For Pig-Bone in Pot