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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wing Kin YIP
葉永健 | YIP Wing Kin

Film! I am fortunate enough to be a part of the film world, and exist in it as a new director. There is no standard adjective that can describe it, or any fixed form by which it can be expressed. Such is film, hard to capture with words, which is also what makes it so attractive. Film encapsulates human creativity and imagination, evokes different feelings for different people to contemplate, enjoy, review and share.

As a new local director, I enjoy communicating with different people through films. I truly love Hong Kong’s unique film language and ways of expression. I hope what I want to get across in films can be felt with the heart.


Ken Yip Wing-kin was born in Hong Kong in 1969 and joined the film industry in 1987. He started out as an actor and became a martial arts coordinator in 1990. He had also worked on foreign-language films, including the French production Largo Winch (2008) and The Blood Bond Saga:Shadowguard (2011), credited as as assistant stunt coordinator on both works. He joined martial arts actress Sharon Yeung’s company Brilliant Emperor Production in 2002 and served as martial arts coordinator on the digital film series Imaginary Files (2002- 2003), directed by Douglas Kung Cheung-tak, as well as the supernatural action film Shaolin Vs Evil Dead (2004).

Yip inaugurated his directing career with Shaolin Vs Evil Dead: Ultimate Power, (2005, co-directed with Douglas Kung), sequel to Shaolin Vs Evil Dead. He later directed the action comedies Kung Fu Fighter (2007) and Kung Fu Chefs (2009), starring the Taiwanese heartthrob Vanness Wu and Hong Kong action stars Bruce Leung and Louis Fan. The latter film also co-starred superstar Sammo Hung.

In 2009, Yip directed the suspense thriller The Haunting Lover, starring Vanness Wu, Mainland Chinese star Li Xiaolu and Japanese pop star Kago Ai. His latest projects include the China- Japan-Korea co-produced TV series Strangers 6 (2011) and the kung fu action series Unbeatable Youth (2012).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《軍閥年代》
Times of Warlords
2012 《亂世出英雄》
Heroes Amidst Turmoil
2012 《真假鐵馬騮》
The Real Iron Monkey
2012 《勇者無懼》
The Brave Has No Fears
2012 《少年當自強》
Young Heroes
2010 《借室還魂》
The Haunting Lover
2009 《功夫廚神》
Kung Fu Chefs
2007 《功夫無敵》
Kung Fu Fighter
2005 《少林殭屍天極》
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead : Ultimate Power KUNG Cheung Tak Douglas
2004 《少林殭屍天極》
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead Ultimate Power KUNG Cheung Tak Douglas