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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Teng Heung YOK
郁正春 | YOK Teng Heung

Among all the actors I have worked with, I admire Brigitte Lin the most. She already knew how to fill her performance with emotions in her first film Outside the Window. I remember in a scene where she received a letter from her mother, I was right next to the camera and read out the letter to her. As she listened, tears streamed down her cheeks ever so naturally.

If I were not a director, I would have found a career in administrative work. When we had our own production company, I handled a lot of the administrative duties, which included the handling of Lin’s first ever contract with the actress and her mother.


Yok Teng-heung was born in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, in 1934. After relocating to Hong Kong in 1950, he took filmmaking classes organized by Mandarin film directors such as Wang Yuan-long, Li Han-hsiang and King Hu and started in the business as part of the crew for Ho Meng-hwa’s Enchanted Melody (1959) and East Flows the River (1960). For Ho’s Till the Clouds Roll By (1961), Yok was the director’s assistant.

In the 1970s, he co-founded a production company with Soon Tsan-su and Yang Woei-shyong in Hong Kong but shot their first project in Taiwan. Outside the Window (1973), an adaptation of popular author Chiung Yao’s novel and co-directed by Yok and Soon, was the first acting role for a teenaged Brigitte Lin. With the film, Yok and Soon became overnight sensations in Hong Kong. They followed with News Hen (1974) the next year. Soon after, Yok co-wrote the script of Chelsia My Love (1976) with Soon.

In 1979, Yok co-directed Mad Mad Kung Fu with his mentor Ho. Three days into shooting, veteran actor and action choreographer Yuen Siu-tin disclosed that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Yok had to rearrange filming schedule to shoot all of Yuen’s scenes, with over 100 shots, in one day.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1979 《怪招軟皮蛇》
Mad Mad Kung Fu HO Meng Hwa
1978 《鸚鵡傳奇》
Legend of the Parrot SOON Tsan So
1975 《熱浪》
Hot Wave
1974 《愛的小屋》
The House of Love
1974 《女記者》
News Hen SOON Tsan So
1973 《窗外》
Outside the Window SOON Tsan So