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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chik Lim YU
余積廉 | YU Chik Lim

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Albert Yu Chik-lim was born in 1939 in Guangdong Province, coming to Hong Kong at age 15 and entering film at age 17. He first worked in the Mandarin cinema, learning from such established directors as Li Han-hsiang, Chang Cheh and King Hu, in positions such as laborer, lighting technician to camera assistant. He eventually worked his way up to cinematographer in 1969.

In 1973, he directed his first film, the martial arts flick Duel of the Dragons, which he also scripted. He followed that with several low-budget action films while continuing to perform cinematography duties, lensing Your Smiling Face (1979), Mismatched Couples (1985), The Good, the Bad & the Beauty (1988) and Bloody Brotherhood (1989).

Yu later founded We Yick Film, under which he directed the action films Mega Force from Highland (1992), Combat at Heaven Gate (1993) and A Step to Heaven (1995). The latter, which he wrote, directed and performed in under the pseudonym Lung Shan-boon, opened during the Hong Kong film industry’s downturn, resulting in a loss of over HK$1 million.

After working in Hong Kong and Taiwan for over 30 years, Yu left the industry in 1998, moving to China with his wife Jiang Xuemei and ran a noodle shop at her native Chongqing. Yet the fire of filmmaking continued to burn and he wrote a television series based on the Hollywood film On the Waterfront (1954) in 2004. When financial backing was unavailable, he mortgaged his home and raised RMB 2 million to make the digital feature Searching for Plum Blossoms in the Snow (2013), using a cast of newcomers. He is currently working on releasing the film.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《踏雪尋梅》
Searching for Plum Blossoms in the Snow
1995 《盲俠之再踏江湖》
A Step to Heaven
1993 《決戰天門》
Combat at Heaven Gate
1993 《雲雨生死戀》
A Ghost Romance
1992 《少林達摩》
Mega Force From Highland
1991 《佈局》
The Plot
1981 《摩登大食懶》
Bloody Bastards
1978 《俥傌砲》
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
1977 《無敵飛金剛》
The Invincible Space Streaker
1975 《人頭蛇》
Bruka Queen of Evil
1974 《逃獄犯》
The Escaped Convict LO Mar John
1974 《蛇妖精》
Devil Woman
1973 《過關斬將》
Duel of the Dragons