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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Florence YU
俞鳳至 | YU Florence

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Florence Yu Fung-chi was only 16 when she answered Shaw Brothers’ talent search in 1960. Head of publicity Raymond Chow made an exception to accept her and cast her in Li Han-hsiang’s The Empress Wu Tse-tien (1963) and Doe Chin’s Oh Boys! Oh Girls! (1961). In Li’s film, she played the young version of the royal concubine Shangguan Wan’er while she was second lead in Doe’s comedy, which also starred Margaret Tu Chun, Paul Chang Chung and Chiao Chuang. After she married actor Peter Yang Kwan, she reduced her onscreen appearances, only playing small parts in films that also featured her husband, such as Continental Drifter (1966), The Quadrants of the Los (1968), Love for Sale (1970) and I Asked the Cloud (1971).

In 1970, Yu and Yang founded Hong Kong Fong Ming Motion Picture. The company’s first release was the Golden Horsewinning You Can’t Tell Him (1971). Yang produced, directed and starred in most of the company’s productions, while Yu was the executive producer and screenwriter.

In her own directorial career, Yu started off with the action film Avenger (1972) and followed with The Escape (1972) (co-directed by Yang), Disco Fever (1979) and First Time (1983). The Escape won Best Feature Film and Best Actor at the 11th Golden Horse Film Festival. But their company’s most famous release was the erotic drama I Want More… (1976), directed by Yang and Chen Chi-Hwa and starring Susan Shaw Yin-yin and Yang himself, while Yu served as writer and producer. Fong Ming folded after the production of Fantasy Romance (1991) and the couple relocated to Orange County, California in 1997.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1983 《第一次》
First Time
1979 《油脂曱甴》
Disco Fever
1973 《浪》
Morning Goodbye
1972 《仇》
1972 《忍》
The Escape