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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Brandy YUEN
袁振洋 | YUEN Brandy

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Brandy Yuen Chun-yeung, of Beijing heritage, was born in Hong Kong in 1952. The nephew of famed martial arts master Simon Yuen Siu-tin, he was a key member of the “Yuen Clan”, his uncle’s troupe. He started acting as extra at age 12, turning martial arts performer at age 15 and becoming assistant martial arts choreographer at age 19. He became full-fledged choreographer in 1978, responsible for many important action films, such as Dreadnaught (1981), Legend of a Fighter (1982), The Miracle Fighters (1982) and Pedicab Driver (1989). He also appeared on screen regularly, playing in almost 100 films, notably in The Miracle Fighters, Shaolin Drunkard (1983) and All the Wrong Spies (1983).

Yuen served as scriptwriter and action choreographer in his directorial debut The Champions (1983). His second and third films, Three Against the World and In the Line of Duty III, were both released in 1988.

After making Master of Zen (1994), serving as director, scriptwriter, producer, presenter, choreographer and actor, he became a dedicated Buddhist and withdrew from film, working instead in a temple. He returned to film with Kung Fu Man (2013), serving as choreographer.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1994 《達摩祖師》
Master of Zen
1988 《皇家師姐III 雌雄大盜》
In the Line of Duty III WONG Arthur
1988 《群龍奪寶》
Three Against the World
1983 《波牛》
The Champions