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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kin To YUEN
袁建滔 | YUEN Kin To

People often ask me what is the biggest difference between making animation and live action films. From my inexperience, producing animation is like making slowcooked soup. After completing the storyboard, you have to put all your choice ingredients into a pot, and the creative process is almost complete, and one only has to endure the long, hard production process before your "soup” is done.

Live action film, on the other hand, is like teriyaki. Every shooting day burns up money, and one is forced to make snap judgments about how to cook the food. The ingredients are expensive, so there is no room for mistakes. The food that sits on the hot grill can be seasoned in a thousand ways before it is served to customers.


Toe Yuen Kin-to graduated from the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist College in 1991, majoring in film. While still in university, Yuen worked part-time as a comics magazine editor and comics scriptwriter and authored the book Language of Serials. Upon completing his studies, he started working at the special effects company Magic Touch (founded by Eric Tsang) as a computer animator. He began making his own animated shorts in 1995 and won awards in the animation category of the Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards for two years in a roll with Mean Meanings and Foul Ball. In 1997, McMug creator Brian Tse invited Yuen to join forces with his team to form Lunchtime Production, which was responsible for a 13-episode McMug TV series.

My Life as McDull, which Yuen directed in 2001, was the first indigenous animated feature entirely produced In Hong Kong. The film was a surprise hit at the local box office and received the Best Film Award at Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. Yuen’s other animated works include Mcdull: Prince De La Bun (2004) and CJ7:The Animation (2010). In recent years Yuen has devoted himself to making live action films and directed such titles as Paper Papa (2008), Eman (2012) and Breaking Hell (2013).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《破地獄》
Breaking Hell
2012 《Eman》
2010 《長江7 號愛地球》
CJ7 : The Animation
2008 《十分鍾情》
(Segment: Paperpapa )
A Decade of Love MAK Chi Sin Marco CHANG Wai Hung Bryan CHAN Wing Chiu LAM Wah Chuen YEUNG Takkie LAM Oi Wah Aubrey LEE Kung Lok CHUNG Kai Cheong Rico WONG Ching Po
2004 《麥兜:菠蘿油王子》
Mcdull:Prince de la Bun
2001 《麥兜故事》
My Life as Mcdull