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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Zeming ZHANG
張澤鳴 | ZHANG Zeming

I grew up in a film studio, and have been enamored with film from an early age. It took a great deal of effort and luck to make my first film, Swan Song. Since then there has been no turning back from my mission to make more films. After a few decades in film, I have mixed feelings about the business. Making films is difficult, especially if you consider film as art.


Zhang Zeming was born in Guangzhou in 1951. During the Cultural Revolution he was sent to work on a farm in Hainan Island in 1968. He returned to Guangzhou a decade later, joining the Pearl River Film Studio in 1978. He first worked as a production assistant and continuity supervisor while writing screenplays in his spare time. He completed the screenplay for Swan Song in 1984, which the studio invited him to direct under an initiative that encouraged young filmmakers. Zhang went on to direct Sun And Rain in 1987.

Zhang moved to the United Kingdom in 1989, and worked on several screenplays for the BBC and British Film Institute, culminating in his directing Foreign Moon (1995), a collaboration between the BBC, Media Asia and BFI. In the interim, in 1991 he moved to Hong Kong with his family and wrote and directed the feature film A Date in Portland Street (1994) for Golden Harvest. Since then, he has spent most of his time in Hong Kong and Mainland China, where he has been active in directing films and television programs as well as commercials, and writing screenplays. In 2011, he directed Crossing the Border, a 90-minute tele-feature for CCTV6, which he also wrote. The following year, he directed a 10-episode, 250-minute documentary for Guangzhou TV and shot in Australia, entitled Hometown Under the White Cloud.

Zhang was a member of the China Film Association, and is currently a member of the Society of Authors of the United Kingdom, Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild, Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild and the China Film Directors’ Guild.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《非常之戀》
Crossing the Border
2007 《穿越高原》
Across the Plateau
1995 《月滿英倫》
Foreign Moon
1994 《人約砵蘭街》
A Date in Portland Street
1987 《太陽雨》
Sun and Rain
1985 《絕響》
Swan Song